Our payment gateway is compatible and can be integrated with the following:

Echo CC
FDMS - Nashville
FDMS - Omaha
Global Payments - East
Merchant Services Caribbean
Optimal Payments
Payer Authentication (VbV/MCSC)
Paymentech Salem
Paymentech Tampa
Customer Vault

Not only do we offer the best rates for merchant processing, we also provide you with the most advanced and robust online payment gateway available. Regardless of whether you choose to obtain merchant services with STS or not, you should consider using our payment gateway.

You can use our payment gateway with your STS merchant account or use it with your current merchant account processor. If you obtain a merchant account through STS, we will integrate this new account with our payment gateway. If you already have a merchant account, we can load your existing merchant account information into a new payment gateway account.

It is always a wise decision to have a backup merchant account for your business. With our gateway solution you can manage two merchant processors with a single account!

We can typically have your new payment gateway account set up within several hours of receiving your complete signup paperwork.

There is no "approval" process necessary for you to use our payment gateway if you are not obtaining a merchant account through STS. We simply create your account and configure it with your merchant processor information for you!

Our Payment Gateway Rates:

Setup Fee: $49.99
Monthly Fee: $19.99
Transaction Fee: $0.15



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